1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Danchuk Smoothie Bumper and Grille Install - Smoothin' The '57 - Tech

Danchuk's New Bumper And Grille Give An Old Car A New Look.

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Sometimes it's hard to come up with a cool part for a car that is iconic like the '57 Chevy. Everyone is so familiar with how it's "supposed" to look that any deviation can backfire. But sometimes a product comes out that does change the look, but in a good way. The product we are talking about in this story is the new one-piece smoothie-style bumper and grille insert from Danchuk.

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Steve Brown, general manager of Danchuk, says, "As the demand for hot rod and retro rod parts increases, it helps us to justify large and expensive projects like this one. We spent almost two years between the design, tooling and production of this work of art and we couldn't be happier. We use top quality steel and the best American chrome plating money can buy."

Sucp_1102_04_o 1957_chevrolet_bel_air_danchuk_smoothie_bumper_and_grille_install Danchuk_one_piece_bumper 3/19

The bumper and grille are designed to bolt right onto the car with minor modifications to the bumper brackets. When we got wind the first bumper was fresh out of the chrome shop, we just had to get it on a car to see how it looked. We went over to Danchuk's facility in Santa Ana, California, and had them toss one on the company's red '57 Bel Air that we tested way back in '08 (check out www.superchevy.com for the story). The car is still very clean considering it gets driven daily.

Sucp_1102_05_o 1957_chevrolet_bel_air_danchuk_smoothie_bumper_and_grille_install Danchuk_grille 4/19

Our workers for the install are Pete Adame, 1st article technician, and Lawrence Kelly, design engineer. These two guys had the bumper swapped out in under an hour with no air tools so it should be no problem to do it at home.


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