1970 Chevy Chevelle Malibu Project - Project XS Chevelle, Part Two-Rustification Restoration

Before We Could Finish Up The Main Floorpan Area, We Had To Perform Some Surgery On Our Rusty Chevelle's Toe Panels.

Patrick Hill Nov 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Even though our A-body isn't a notable LS6, 396, or even an SS, it is still rare and valuable. Why? Do a search online covering Chevelle convertibles for sale and see how many pop up, and what they're going for.

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Total Chevelle/Malibu production for the 1970 model year was 633,944 units. Out of that, only 7,522 convertibles were produced. That's right, every Chevelle convertible is a rarity. That's just over one percent of total production. Breaking that down further, only 381 were built with six-cylinder engines, while the rest were equipped with various V-8s. And when you figure in the usual attrition rate for older cars, substantially less are even still around, in any condition.

In part one, we began the general cleanup process, and survey to find out exactly what needed to be done. Extensive rust had eaten away most of the floor, from the toe panels all the way back to the trunk, and we left off with sliding the new complete Goodmark floorpan unit into place. After some further investigating as to how these cars were built at the factory, we figured out the toe panels had to be repaired before sliding the floor into place and getting it ready for welding.

Goodmark makes most of the metal we used in this part of the project, but there was some custom fabrication that had to be done when it came to the forward body mount plates, which we'll point out later on.

Follow along as we tackle part two of trying to get our convertible back into fighting trim, and handle some difficult metal repair.


Goodmark Industries
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists Inc.
Belews Creek, NC 27009




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