Chevy HHR Custom Paint Job - Automotive Arson

Hot Licks Can Turn Any Car Into An Eye Burner.

Arson is the crime of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to structures, cars or wild land areas. While this is a very bad thing in normal life, when it comes to vehicle paint it can be a great thing. The addition of some well laid out flames will turn any stocker into a custom ride. Let's take the HHR for instance. This little throwback thing that Chevy built has some old-school styling and could be had with 260 turbocharged horses in the SS model, but still it is a bit lackluster. Throw on some flames and a retro set of wheels and it becomes pretty dang cool.

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Jeff Styles of Styles Custom Flames and Pinstriping had picked up an HHR to use as a daily driver. Of course, being a custom painter Jeff just couldn't leave it stock for very long. We followed along as he laid down a bunch of custom paint procedures like traditional fade flames, silver leafing, lettering, and pinstriping.

Check out the steps and maybe it will help you decide if you want to try it yourself. If not, Jeff will happily commit arson on your ride-for money of course. At least you will know how much work goes into the job, which should justify how much you are spending.

There is some slick stuff here and whether you're painting an HHR, a Tri-Five, Chevelle or other vintage car, you'll find some good tips here.


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Styles Custom Flames And Pinstriping
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