101 Paint And Body Tips

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89. Use rags, cardboard, or any other soft material to protect the paint while you re-hang things like the doors or bumpers.

90. Don’t apply wax for at least a month to let the paint fully cure. During that time you can use a quick detailing product to keep it clean.

91. For a deep clean before you put wax on, wash it with dish soap. This will remove any wax, dirt, or road grime that might have found its way on the paint.

92. Keep a close eye on your fresh paint if it gets bird poop on it. Remove it quickly because the acids in the crap will have a field day on your unprotected finish. If the poop is dry then soak a soft cloth with water and lay it over the poop for a few minutes. The water from the rag will re-hydrate the poop and make it very easy to remove.

93. Once the paint is cured and you are ready to wax, use a clay bar on the surface to remove any tiny above surface containments stuck to the paint. This will prevent you from trapping a bunch of crud under your wax.

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94. After clay, take your time and lay down a very good coat of wax. This is the only thing protecting your paint from the elements and without wax that paint won’t stand a chance.

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95. Invest in a good set of microfiber towels. These are the best things out there right now to prevent scratching the paint and they take wax off with less effort.

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96. Primer surfacer vs. Primer sealer. Primer surfacer has better filling qualities and should be used when trying to build film thickness for blocking. A primer/sealer acts more like a barrier between the metal and the paint and is not intended to straighten the body.

97. Know your scuff pad. Scotch-Brite scuff pads grit equivalent is as follows; Gray-120-150, Maroon-360-400, Light gray-800-1000, and White-1200-1500.

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98. When color sanding always wrap the paper over a color-sanding block. It’s almost certain that you will dig three small but visible gouges if you just back up the paper with your hand.

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99. If you plan on spraying in your garage it’s a good idea to hose off the rafters a couple days before. That will remove any dust but give the area ample time to dry out.

100. Another water tip when spraying is to wet the floor of the garage/booth right before you spray. The water will grab and hold onto overspray instead of letting it float back up and stick to the car.

101. The last tip we can pass on is to be proud of your work no matter how it came out. No one shoots a perfect paint job the first time. Just make sure not to repeat any mistakes you might have made the next time you paint.

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