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Tips And Tricks To Chevy Sheelmetal Alignment - Gapped To Perfection - TechChevy Sheelmetal Alignment

The Ins And Outs Of Aligning Sheetmetal.

May 4, 2010

Muscle cars are known for their high-powered chunks of iron and burly-shaped body panels. But as time goes by, parts degrade, panels start to sag, and body gaps become uneven, which takes away from the overall appearance and value of the car. Let's face it: it just plain sucks if the hood hits the fender when you close it, or you have to slam the door to get it to shut. If you are building anything that will grace a car show field, the difference between winning and losing can be uneven body panel fitment. Even panels will definitely enhance resale value.

Sucp_1005_01 Tips_and_tricks_to_chevy_sheetmetal_alignment Front_fender 2/26

This story will map out the proper procedure to get all your gaps even and the doors shutting like butter. You will want to adjust all your gaps before the bodywork gets started because sometimes it takes more than just shims and adjustments to get them perfect. This is not always the case, but you don't want to find out you need to bend or grind some sheetmetal after it has been painted.

The quarters and rockers are fixed on the body so all the body gap adjustments will be established from these two pieces of the body. Working forward, the doors will be lined up first, and then the fenders will be lined up against the doors, then the hood will get lined up between the fenders. You see where we are going here? You have to work in a specific order or you will just waste time. So kick back and follow along as we get the body lines on this '66 Chevelle gapped to perfection.


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