1972 Nova Wheel Wells - Makin' Room For Rubber

When 275 Tires Just Won't Cut It, Detroit Speed & Engineering's Deep Tubs Provide Some Added Room For Big Skins.

Mike Ficacci Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0908_26_z 1972_nova_wheel_wells Spot_welds 2/25

Once our spot welds were complete, we welded the entire well into place. This takes some time, but it's worth the effort in the long run. The last thing you want is this piece coming loose at high speed. Once the deep tub is welded into place, take a grinder and smooth them out. This will give the trunk a much better look upon completion.

We can then reattach the trunk lid mounts we were careful not to destroy at the beginning of the day. These should simply fall right back into place, as the height of the wells should be almost exactly the same. We did not raise the wheelwell from top to bottom; we only elongated it from side to side.

From under the car, the new DSE deep tubs look 100 times better than the factory wells. This is especially true in our case as the previous owner of the Nova took a hammer and beat the inner lip into submission to try and jam as big a tire as he could into the well. Also, we will be coming in here with some black paint. We gained over 3-inches from stock much needed for our big skins.

As I stated before, the untrained eye would be hard pressed to notice the difference looking into the boot after some trunk paint. Especially with these Novas, gearheads have constantly looked for ways to install bigger tires as the factory wheelwells are tighter than those in Camaros and Chevelles. We installed these tubs on a previous Nova and were hit by a string of questions from the Nova peanut gallery at the first track day wondering how we fit a 10-inch wheel underneath. We simply shrugged our shoulders and responded, "It's all stock and they fit." Pay no mind to the chrome moly bar.

In the coming months, we are going to have some fun with this Nova. As this is a prequel so to speak of some awesome overhauls to come, make sure to follow along as we make this school bus one of the baddest Pro Touring hot rods in all the land. I specifically chose the Nova to prove that it can be done cool, and it can be done to compete fender-to-fender with all the Camaros out there.




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