Firewall Smoothing Guide - Smoothin' & Fillin'

How To Semi-Smooth A Firewall On An A-Body Chevrolet

Mike Harrington Apr 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0904_01_z 1971_chevy_monte_carlo Firewall_smoothing_guide 2/26

When building a custom vehicle, it's the little things that matter. Often enough, these items are easy to overlook or even ignore. However, when all the little details are tallied up, they can dictate whether you have a show-winner or an also-ran. Take, for example, this 1971 Monte Carlo firewall. It's a basic GM A-body, and all the firewalls look the same. The plans for this firewall include subtle smoothing. We didn't go all out and make it as flat as a tabletop; that would be too boring to look at.

Armed with a welder, grinder, body hammers, and body filler, a clean-looking firewall that retains the OE look can be easy enough to do. This Monte Carlo was last seen on our pages about a year ago, and now it's nearly ready for paint. We followed along as Harrison Ortis of Harrison Restorations (Upland, California) ironed it out. It only took a few days to do, but the results speak for themselves.




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