1970 Chevy Nova Rear Suspension Fix - Mellow Yellow

How To Fit Huge Tires Under The Back Of Your '68-72 Nova.

Mike Harrington Apr 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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In the last two issues of Super Chevy, we ran a series of suspension installs on this mellow yellow '70 Nova. We also flogged the Nova and its TCI suspension and ended up with some of the fastest track times we have recorded yet. This time around we're going to follow what work was done to this Nova in order to get it to the track and around those cones. Jim Reis, owner of both the Nova and Classic Performance Parts (CPP), lit some fires in order to get his Nova built and running before the '07 SEMA Show. Mission accomplished. So let's take a look at a small portion of the bodywork and what was done.

Most third-generation Nova owners are very well aware of the fact that the factory rear inner quarters allow almost no room for a tire wider than 6 inches. That's nice if you plan to keep the Nova in its stock grocery-getter state, but what if you want to throw some bigger, thicker meats in the back? Tubbing the back half would be a great solution, but that requires extensive amounts of work, and if you're going to drag race a Nova, that's a fine way to go. But if you aren't going to drag race, what do you do to fit a well-performing street tire in the back? The guys at Dreamers Creation Paint & Body worked on a simpler solution when it came to the rear tire size dilemma.

Sucp_0804_15_z 1970_1970_chevy_nova_suspension_fix Wheelwell_modification 9/18

The essence of this job is removing the inner wheelwell's rounded slope and squaring it off. The OE piece of steel that is cut out is discarded. Several pie cuts are made on the original remaining metal as well as the new fabricated piece. The pie cuts will allow the new wheelwells to extend all the way across and join the outer quarter-panel. After everything is tested and fitted, it's all tack welded in place. The original wheelwell was more rounded and shaped much like an upside-down U. The upside-down U is now squared off, allowing more tire to fit under the car.


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