First-Gen Camaro LED Taillights - Light 'Em Up!

Full Sequential LED Taillights For First-Gen Camaros

Jim Rizzo Jun 29, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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For standard body (non Rally Sport) applications a new backup light socket is included and can be plugged into the new rear body panel harness as shown in the photo. The light socket can then be installed in the center light socket hole of a standard body light housing. Light sockets are installed by positioning the light socket in the appropriate opening and twisting the socket in a clockwise direction until the socket locks in the housing.

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For Rally Sport applications a jumper is supplied to mate the new harness with the backup light assembly mounted in the lower rear body panel. The backup light assembly is shown here in the trunk for clarity in the connection. In actuality, the backup light assembly mounts to the rear body panel and the connection wire is routed thru the rear panel and sealed with the grommet attached to the assembly lead wire. The connection is the only thing made in the trunk area.

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For all coupes, a jumper is supplied to plug into the existing dome light lead wires in the intermediate rear body harness located above the driver- side wheel arch. This jumper extends a long orange wire to the existing Intermediate Rear Body connector that the new rear body panel harness is plugged into. A constant 12-volt battery supply is required for the LED circuitry to operate properly. The dome light circuit will be the source of this power.

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At the other end of this wire is a male terminal that must be plugged into the existing Intermediate rear body harness connector in the cavity opposite the mating cavity in the new rear body panel harness. The final connection in the left rear trunk area is shown below.

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For all convertibles, there is no dome light jumper in the Intermediate rear body harness. The power circuit needed to power the LED circuitry must come from the fuse box. Therefore, for convertibles, a long orange wire is included that must be routed over the wheel arch and through the threshold plate alongside the existing intermediate rear body harness and plugged into a battery connection at the fuse box. Follow the instructions in step 25 for connection of the other end of this wire into the existing Intermediate Rear Body harness.

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(Original '68-'69 Camaro only) As previously mentioned, convertibles require a direct power connection at the fuse box. This photo shows the fuse box connection to the original '69 Camaro fuse box. This connection is the same for the '68 Camaro.

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('67-'69 Camaro Classic Update) If you are using an American Autowire Classic Update Series kit for the '69 Camaro (PN#500686) or '67-'68 Camaro (PN#500661), the power connection for the convertible is shown in this photo. The Classic Update Series kit uses an ATO fuse panel that requires a different connector interface to the fuse panel. This connector is supplied on the orange wire in the kit.

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OK, you are now finished. Just be aware of the following: The LED taillight kit is designed for best performance when using an electronic no-load flasher. Shown here is an optional electronic no-load flasher (PN#500832) available from American Autowire.When using a stock bi-metal flasher, it is recommended that a standard duty flasher be used instead of a heavy duty flasher. Slight variations can exist in the LED sequential timing when using a stock style bi-metal flasher. If your turn signal circuit includes LED turn signals in the front as well as in the rear, the turn signal circuit will not have enough resistance load to operate an original style bi-metal flasher and this no-load flasher will be required.


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