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Fiberglass '55 Chevy Body - Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's Glass, Glass, Glass

Take A Look At A Fully Streetable Fiberglass '55

Mike Harrington Jun 26, 2006
Sucp_0606_01_z Fiberglass_body_1955_chevy Profile_view 2/10

You know it was only a matter of time before this hit the street, didn't you? After all, why not? You can buy glass T-buckets, '32 roadsters, and even a glass Nova. So why not add the quintessential hot rod of all time to the list of Who's Who? You may have already seen this '55 on display at some of the major car shows around the country. If you haven't, let's take a gander at this double-nickel.

In the photo above, we see that this '55 is partially assembled; it's a display model and for the prospective builder to take a look at.

Sucp_0606_02_z Fiberglass_body_1955_chevy Dashboard 3/10

Here is that optional fiberglass dash we spoke of.

The body package includes hinged and latched doors, and a fully hinged decklid. A full, original-styled floor is also installed in this fast glass '55. The fenders, hood, and lower front valance also come with this kit, but it's up to the builder to attach those pieces. The body and related components are made with handlaid fiberglass, using Coremat to reinforce the layup. A full steel perimeter substructure is then welded in and glassed to the body to add strength. Afterward, the rockers are filled with a two-part foam and glassed so they become a stiff boxed section. The rear section of the body, between the mounts, also gets the same treatment. There are a couple of optional pieces available, as well. A fiberglass dash, front, and rear bumpers are available as options, should you so desire. If a builder opts to use a steel dash, this can be welded to the internal framing.

All that's left is to make a trip to Danchuk's and choose all the possible goodies that can go on this glass repo. This glass body is designed to fit a stock '55 frame. But who wants a bone-stock frame? The Roadster Shop has full '55 platforms available, as do Art Morrison, and others.

It would be really cool to see somebody build one of these up into a straight-axle gasser. Think of the weight you could save with an all-glass gasser!


Fast Glass '55



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