Chevy 210 Chassis Part 2 - Morrison's Gt55-Part 2 - Body Prep

Here's What It Takes To Remove Our Classic's Body And Get It Ready To Have The New Frame Put Underneath

Craig Morrison Feb 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Next up were the speedometer and overdrive cables.

If nearly 11 inches of rubber weren't enough for you, this would be the perfect time to move the wheel wells in a few inches to accommodate up to 345mm of tire. At this point, you can also take the floor down to bare steel and paint it, undercoat it, or just leave it as-is. With track time already booked for testing, we left the floor as-is and will address it when we take the GT55 to the body shop.

Gearheads are a creative bunch, and lifting a body off of a frame will definitely require use of this creativity. Thankfully, we had access to a two-post lift to raise the complete body off of the frame. While we are not telling you that this is the only way to lift the body off of your car, it is definitely one of the easiest. Some buddies, a couple of jacks and a few 2x4s can achieve the same results.

Whatever you can do to safely lift up and support the body while you replace the frame will work. What we are showing you are the things that need to be loosened, removed and unbolted so you can do the job at home and prepare to install AME's new Tri-Five chassis. So have a look at the following pages and see what's involved with a body-off project.


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