Goodmark 1970 Chevy Chevelle Restoration - Rust No More

Part 2: Hard Work And Cool Panels Help Get Rid Of The Cancer!

Jason Walker Dec 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0112_30_z Goodmark_1970_chevy_chevelle_restoration Foor_replaced 2/28

This shot shows how much of the floor had to be replaced. Looking good!

It might be hard to see just how bad the rust is in the cowl, but take our word for it, it's got to go.

A sheetmetal hole punch is a great tool for placing evenly spaced holes, for tach-welding, on the edge of the cowl. This is the kind of tool that can make the installation process easy and clean.

The cowl is removed in the same fashion as the quarter-panels. After the air chisel separated the two pieces, some straightening was needed before installing the new piece. A body hammer and dolly in the right hands made quick work of straightening the sheetmetal's edge.

Sucp_0112_34_z Goodmark_1970_chevy_chevelle_restoration Donor_cowl 6/28

As mentioned earlier, the cowl piece is not currently being re-produced, so a donor cowl section was provided by John's Classic Cars and Parts.

Once the outer portion of the cowl was removed, another challenge showed up in the lower part of the inner cowl, just ahead of the doors.

The replacement piece was cut from the same donor cowl as was used on the upper portion. Careful disassembly gives almost the same results as if it were a reproduction piece.

With the unseen parts of the cowl now repaired, the outer section was fitted to the car. Here again, take special time to make sure the panel is properly positioned so all parts will line up and look correct. You don't want your friends laughing at you, right? That wraps up this segment, but we're really just getting started, so stay tuned.


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