1970 Chevy Chevelle Restoration - Good Mark Chevelle Project Car-Part 1

Most Restorations Begin As A Poor Example Of The Finished Product-And This Heavy Chevy Is A Textbook Case!

Barbara Hillick Nov 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0111_21_z 1970_chevy_chevelle_restoration New_quarter_panel 2/19

The new quarter-panel is starting to look right-at-home. You will notice anywhere there is a tack-weld, the steel has been ground to leave clean metal to weld to. This is the correct way of welding steel together. (If you want your welds to stick, that is!)

Here everything is tacked together and it's time to fully weld the roof-to-quarter seam. Here is a helpful hint: Stand back at various times and take a nice long look at how everything is lining up. Even when all panels seem to line up perfectly up close, standing back 15 to 20 feet will give you a better overall view of the work.

This seam is a little different from the others, it will need to be fully welded for strength and to keep the body filler from cracking. The same rules apply with respect to stitch-welding, not making one pass over the entire seam.

In this close-up shot, the seam is about half-way done. Running small tacks, back and forth, may take longer but will keep the roof from warping. After these tacks have cooled, you can go back and tack in between them. At this point we can see real progress as well as seeing how nice the Goodmark sheetmetal is fitting with the remainder of the Chevelle's body. Stay tuned, as the door skins, rockers, and much more will be getting the correct kind of attention in the coming months.


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