Shaved Door Handle Kits - No Handles, No Problem!

A Keyless Entry/Alarm Will Get You In And Keep Them Out

Jason Walker Sep 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
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Next, you will need to remove the interior handle and rod. The cable from the solenoid will be attached to the handle itself instead of the mechanism. On older cars, the cable would run from the solenoid directly to the mechanism. To save space and because of its design, the inner door handle is the perfect place to attach the cable.

Next, pick a location for the solenoid. It is important to position the solenoid in a place that will not interfere with the other moving parts. Also, the straighter the angle between the latch and solenoid, the better. If you are unable to mount the solenoid with a direct pull, it may be necessary to use the cable housing to redirect the cable to the solenoid.

Locate the lever on the back side of the interior handle and drill a small hole next to the pull rod. That way when the solenoid pulls on the cable, it in turn pulls the lever, opening the door just like the handle does.

Slide the aluminum crimp onto the cable, through the new hole in the handle's lever, and back through the crimp. There should be plenty of length in the cable to reach. Attach the cable to the solenoid in the same fashion leaving a slight amount of slack in the cable.

For the safety release button, find a protected, unseen, yet easy-to-get-to position. This is the emergency button just in case your remote is lost or its battery dies.

The control box and relays should be mounted where they can stay dry and secure. Under the dash is a good spot if there is enough room. As in the case of this Camaro, this spot should do nicely.

Notice how clean the installation is done here. The easier it is to see what's going on with the wiring, the better. Down the road if something needs to be replaced (relays do go bad), everything will be easy to see and get to.




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