1970 Chevy Chevelle SS Trim - Bumper Crop

Freshening Up The Back Side Of A '70 Chevelle Super Sport

Chuck Hanson Nov 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)
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When you're restoring a car from stem to stern, it's common practice to either replace the bumpers or have them rechromed. But on a '70 Chevelle Super Sport, there's an additional step that needs to be taken. The '70 bumper is unique because it has a special "SS" rubber pad glued to it. When performing a top-notch restoration, this pad will most likely need to be replaced.

We'd heard horror stories about how difficult it was to get the pad to remain attached to the bumper, so we were a little nervous when we bought a new one from Year One and prepared to install it on a recent project car. But guess what? By simply following the instructions included with the bumper pad glue (which you must send for after receiving the bumper pad, because of its relatively short shelf life), we correctly and successfully attached it in the proper location.

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Using the original bumper as a guide, the first step is to mark the bumper pad location on the new bumper.

To be perfectly honest, we did cheat a bit. Although the instructions didn't call for them, we cut some 1x4-inch lengths of wood to help us clamp the pad in place while the adhesive was curing. And while we used deep-throated vise grips, there's no reason that C-clamps wouldn't work equally well.

Our bumper was an N.O.S. piece that we'd purchased a few years back while such things were still available. To make certain that it looked as good as possible, our order from Year One included a new license plate lamp assembly, gas filler door, taillight lenses, and bumper bolts. We also bead blasted the attaching brackets and painted them semi-gloss black before reinstalling them. Check it out.


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