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Pros show us how to properly care for newly shot paint

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We spend a lot of time in these pages jabbering on about function over form and how we like to drive our cars more than polish them, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good while haulin’ ass. After all, the only thing more impressive than a fast car is a fast car that looks smokin’ hot.

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Our intrepid editor, Nick Licata, knew what he was getting into when he bought the black Z28 we later named Black Betty. Black cars are notoriously bad for not staying clean very long. The truth is that they get dirty and dusty at the same rate as any other color, but it is just more noticeable. This is especially true of the swirls and scratches that build up through the simple act of existing on this spinning ball of dirt we call home. Our ’01 was certainly no exception.

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Just over a month ago we treated our project car to some fresh paint applied by the guys over at Aggressive Designs in Santa Fe Springs, California, and after waiting the required time, we were ready to lay down some wax. But we noticed the finish had a few swirls left over from the cut and buff process plus a ton of fine scratches gathered from repeated dustings and washings. We figured that if we were having these problems, you might be to. So we headed over to Meguiar’s tech center to find out the best, and easiest, way to get our paint looking show car sweet. After all, it’s not like looking good slows you down.


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