1968 Camaro Auto Paint Prep - When Good Cars Go Bad, Part 4

Prepping For Paint And Getting Ready For The Final Dance.

Chuck Vranas Oct 8, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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As with any labor-intensive build-up, there is a time when the torches are put away, and all of the cutting and grinding comes to an end. You step back to catch your collective breath, but you're still pretty far away from easy street. In fact, there's a whole mountain left to climb 'til you're ready for the final dance with that trip into the spray booth. When Peter Newell and his team at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, wrapped up on all of the metalwork and fine-tuning of Tony Rose's Project Karma Camaro, it was time to focus on dialing in the bodywork. This meant lots of time being put into finessing panels, body lines, and block-sanding the body to perfection.

Camp_0912_02 1968_camaro_auto_paint_prep 3M_imperial_sandpapers 2/28

So, in this article we're going to focus on some of the final details needed in preparing the body for its coating of liquid icing. Once all of the major bodywork has been completed, and with the car in its last prime coat, the concluding steps become even more crucial in preparing the surface.

Camp_0912_04 1968_camaro_auto_paint_prep Sanding_blocks 3/28

Let's follow along with Peter as he wraps up the final details that separate a good paintjob from a great paintjob.

Pete's Prep Tip Be sure to pre-fit all trim, lights, and emblems to your body panels to ensure proper fit and alignment. Just because a part is new, there's no guarantee it will fit exact to your specific application.

Camp_0912_05 1968_camaro_auto_paint_prep Surface_cleaning 4/28

•Always place your sandpaper in water prior to use in wet sanding as this will make the paper more pliable and easier to use.

•Always remember to take your time when working with your final prime coating on the body. If you over-sand the areas, you'll be shooting that final coat one more time!


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