1968 Chevy Camaro Quarter Panels - When Good Cars Go Bad, Part 2

Replacing Poorly-Installed Rear Quarter-Panels

Chuck Vranas Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Using a small disc grinder topped with an 80-grit disc, Jordan cleaned up and deburred all of the newly-exposed areas in the wheelhouse to prepare them for the next step.

Once the area was ground clean, Jordan proceeded with a hammer and dolly to readjust any contours that may have changed during the removal process. It’s very important the alignment of the inner body structure mirrors that of the new panels.

Here you can see just how picked clean Tony’s ’68 is. Notice the initial test-fitting of the outer wheelhouse.

Proper alignment of the new outer wheelhouse to the inner body structure is critical. To ensure positioning, Jordan used a variety of Vise-Grip-type clamps to hold it in place. The panel was then ready to be welded into place.

Working with a Lincoln MIG welder, Jordan secures the outer wheelhouse to the inner body structure.

Once the welding was completed, all of the seams were treated to a nice even coating of seam sealer

Jordan test-fitted the rear quarter-panel into place a few times before finally securing it with Vise-Grips in preparation for welding. The panels from Classic Industries are perfect factory replicas in every way, so placement was a snap.

Camp_0909_25 1968_chevy_camaro_quarter_panels Test_fit 8/30

With everything ready, Jordan fired up his MIG welder and proceeded to weld the Classic Industries quarter-panel into place using plug welds where each original factory spot weld was.

The new quarter-panel incorporates the factory doorjamb as well. Here you can see the completed installation up close with all of the original factory spot welds replicated.

Once all of the welding was completed, Jordan broke out his disc grinder topped with an 80-grit disc and began the task of smoothing out all of the welds in preparation for the upcoming bodywork stage. The finished product is as smooth as glass and as nice as they come.

What a difference! Thanks to the team at Competition Specialties and replacement panels from Classic Industries, the back of Rose’s ’68 has taken a major step toward completion. In the next issue of Camaro Performers we’ll head up front to hang new sheetmetal and dive into a front clip installation.


Classic Industries
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Competition Specialties
Lincoln Electric
Cleveland, OH 44117




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