1968 Chevy Camaro Quarter Panels - When Good Cars Go Bad, Part 2

Replacing Poorly-Installed Rear Quarter-Panels

Chuck Vranas Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Team member Brian Jordan prepares the quarter-panel for removal. Using a portable torch, he gradually heated up the seam that connects the roof to the sail panel in order to remove the original factory lead. He carefully heated the area while also cooling the panel with a wet cloth to avoid warping the steel. Using a wire brush, he removed the lead as it began to melt.

Camp_0909_05 1968_chevy_camaro_quarter_panels Torched_panel 2/30

Here is a shot of the seam with the original 40-plus-year-old factory lead removed. By taking his time, Jordan avoided warping any of the panels due to the dissipated heat.

Jordan then removed the rear wheel to properly anchor the car on a jackstand for unlimited access to the quarter-panel. With an air chisel, he began to remove the panel starting with the top-most plane and moving forward.

With the majority of the panel gone, it was time to remove all the welds to the inner body structure.

Camp_0909_12 1968_chevy_camaro_quarter_panels Weld_removal 6/30

Once all of the factory spot welds were identified, Jordan proceeded using an air-driven drill with a spot-weld bit attached to separate the welds in the doorjamb area.

Once the spot welds were broken through, Jordan carefully proceeded with an air chisel to separate the remainder of the quarter-panel from the inner body structure.

Having the balance of the quarter-panel removed from the doorjamb area, Jordan proceeded using a mini belt sander to clean up the seam where the panel met the rocker.

This image lets you see just how far Jordan has gotten with everything now removed except the sail panel portion of the quarter.

There’s no better time to replace the outer wheelhouse than with the quarter-panel removed. Jordan marked the seam area to be addressed, then drilled out all of the factory spot welds. He followed up by using an air chisel to separate the panel from the body.




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