Installing an Aftermarket Hood on a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

Robbing Hoods - Using an aftermarket hood to punch up the looks of a sweet ’66

Jerry Heasley Jul 25, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Sealer 2/25

13. After the epoxy primer dried, Mike applied sealer.

Mike Mccomas 3/25

14. Finally, with help from Brady Brodgin at R & B Body Shop in Pampa, Texas, Mike applied a few coats of factory Sunfire Yellow paint.

Underside Hood 4/25

15. The underside of the hood, once raw fiberglass, is now smooth and painted flat black, just like the original factory hood.

Ight Left Hood Grilles 5/25

16. It was then time for Mike to install a pair of left and right hood grilles.

Grilles Attached 6/25

17. Both grilles attached to the new hood on the bottom side, just like on a factory hood.

Corvette Sting Ray Medallion 7/25

18. The “Corvette Sting Ray” medallion from the small block hood is the same one used on the big block hood. He simply pressed the emblem into the holes and secured it with nuts on the underside.

Stock Hood Support 8/25

19. The stock hood support was reused on the passenger side.

Male Hood Lock Assembler 9/25

20. Like the hood support Mike also reused the original male hood lock assemblies.

Brady Brogdin 10/25

21. The hood fit very well the first time, but was just a little low. Mike’s friend, Brady Brogdin, adjusted the hood lock assemblies so the hood set up a little higher.

Corvette Sting Ray Hood 11/25

In the sunlight, Mike was amazed at how well the hood fit and how closely the Sunfire Yellow paint matched the rest of his ’66 coupe. With this, his ’66 is one step closer to being what he dreamed of in high school.


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