How to Install the DSE Camaro RS Headlight Door Kit - Really Slick

Detroit Speed solves the problem of troublesome Camaro RS headlight doors

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1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Harnesses 2/22

8. There are actually two different wiring harnesses in the DSE kit, one that we just installed with the headlight switch that plugs into the module, and another one that also plugs into the module but contains the long orange, yellow, green, and purple wires that go through the dash and up to the actuators at the front of the car. Feed these wires through the dash and run them along the top of the inner fender next to the stock lighting harness. A good way to feed the wires through the fender is to use a coat hanger. Feed the hanger wire through until you can grab it near the cowl, tape the wires to the hanger, and pull them through carefully. To get the wires through the dash, you’ll probably need to drill a 7/16-inch hole in the firewall (we suggest near the clutch rod hole) and use the DSE-supplied grommet to protect the wires. We had an existing hole and grommet that we could use, thanks to the aftermarket harness on this car.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Drill Hole 3/22

9. Drill another 7/16-inch hole on the inner fender, just behind the headlight buckets. There will already be a hole and wires for the parking light on each side. We drilled the new hole right next to it. Remember to protect the wires with the included grommets. The orange and yellow wires should pass through the hole on the driver side. Route the green and purple wires along the factory harness underneath the core support to the passenger-side wheelhouse and pass them through the grommet.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Green Wire 4/22

10. Since the green and purple wires that go to the passenger-side actuator are much longer than the orange and yellow wires, DSE supplies a Weatherpack connector for just these two wires, to make them easier to pass through the firewall. Pass the green/purple wires that are connected to the module through the firewall, then install the included connector to the wires. The terminals push in and lock in place. Make sure to follow the instructions as to which terminal goes in which socket. The sockets are labeled A and B, as you can see if you look close. Purple goes in A and green goes in B. This then connects to the longer pair of green/purple wires that get fed through the inside of the fender in the previous step.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Fenderwall Wires 5/22

11. The wires you passed through the inner fenderwells then must be installed into the supplied female Weatherpack connectors. Again, read the instructions on which wire goes into which socket. These connectors will connect to the actuator motors once they’re installed.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Drill 6/22

12. If you’re converting a non-RS car to an RS grille, you’ll need to drill a few holes in the inner fenders to install the RS headlight assemblies and linkages in the car. Cut the template from the sheet and align it as described on the template. It can be used on both sides of the car by flipping it over. In our case, the car already had an RS grille so the holes were already there. In this case, remove the stock vacuum actuators but leave the bellcrank for the headlight door.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Bellcrank 7/22

13. This is the headlight door bellcrank without the actuator, vacuum tank, hoses, and valves. The two bolts on the left hold the core support to the inner fender. These will be used to mount the new actuator.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Spring 8/22

14. This is an over-center-spring, which must be removed before the DSE kit is installed.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Motor 9/22

15. Install the DSE actuator with the cylindrical motor facing forward and the bellcrank down, as shown. This is the passenger side, looking toward the front of the car. The two bolts on the inner fender must be removed to install the mounting bracket. The inner bolt is a tight fit, but we used a ratcheting box-end wrench to get to it. The holes are slotted so that the actuator assembly can be aligned with the bellcrank.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Actuator Driver Side 10/22

16. This is the driver-side actuator orientation.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Stock Bellcrank 11/22

17. The linkage on the new actuators connects to the stock bellcrank. Remove this nylon bushing from the linkage and insert it into the bellcrank hole. Use pliers if it’s tight.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Linkage 12/22

18. Install the linkage to connect the actuator to the bellcrank with the supplied washers and lock nut. If the linkage doesn’t reach the bellcrank, reposition the headlight door by hand until they line up. You can also reposition the actuator arm.

1969 Chevy Camaro Rs Headlight Dse Doors Linkage Installed 13/22

19. The driver-side actuator and linkage installed.


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