Project Orange Krate: Paint Gloss

Bringing Project Orange Krate's Color to Life

Chuck Vranas Dec 24, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Doorjambs And Inner Rockers 2/29

14. Small areas like the doorjambs and inner rockers were also worked with 220-grit in preparation for the final coating of SpectraPrime.

Recheck Firment Of Various 3/29

15. Be sure to check and re-check the fitment of various parts including the rear window corner moldings ...

Check Headlight 4/29

16. ...and headlight rings to the fenders to be sure the gaps are perfect.

Final Three Coats Of Spectra Prime 5/29

17. With the body completely block-sanded and blown clean, the rotisserie was rolled back into the paint booth to have the final three coats of SpectraPrime applied.

After Last Coat Of 6/29

18. After receiving its last coat of Sherwin-Williams SpectraPrime, you can see that Orange Krate has come a long way!

Wet Sand Entire 7/29

19. Here you can see the results to one small area after wet-sanding with 220-grit and using the back edge of the sanding block to squeegee water away. A final wet-sanding with 500-grit will leave the surface as smooth as glass.

Undercarriage Plastic Bagged To Protect From 8/29

20. With wet-sanding completed, the body was rolled into the spray booth on the rotisserie for one last time. The undercarriage was plastic-bagged to protect it from overspray.

Mask Over Trunk 9/29

21. Peter then used 2-inch masking tape to back tape the inner trunk opening and followed it up by masking over the opening.

3m Ultrapro Urethane Seam 10/29

22. 3M Ultrapro Urethane Seam Sealer was applied to seal up any remaining seams prior to final paint, like this one in the rocker to rear quarter-panel area.\

Sem Solve Pre 11/29

23. Peter then made a pass over the entire exterior with Sem Solve pre-cleaner using a fresh white cloth one last time to remove any remaining surface contaminants.

Sherwin Williams Tack Rag Remove Last 12/29

24. Once suited up, a final run over the body with a Sherwin-Williams Tack Rag (PN V4X3) removed the last bits of dust, lint, or dirt from the surface.

Completed Body After Panel Replacement Bodywork Sanding 13/29

25. Here you can see the completed body ready to go after all the stages of panel replacement, bodywork, block-sanding, and priming.

Planet Color Big Bad Orange Sherwin Williams Automotive 14/29

26. To bring the car to life, its signature hue of Planet Color Big Bad Orange combined with the rest of the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes includes everything to complete the job.

Apply 15/29

27. It was great seeing Peter lay down the vibe bringing Orange Krate to life with a number of coats of Big Bad Orange.

Painted Camaro 16/29

28. By the end of the night, the body looked amazing finally covered with clear! Stay tuned as we begin our final assembly stages of project Orange Krate.


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