How to Install a T3 Bumper Port on a 2012 Camaro SS - Transform It

From mild to wild with Advance Composite Specialties

Justin Cesler May 8, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Remove Front Bumper 2/20

10. Of course, installing the ports isn’t just a matter of cutting a hole and stuffing them in place, and you will need to remove the front bumper to attach the installation rings and apply the adhesive. ACS includes great instructions for removing the front bumper and it can easily be done in your driveway with common handheld tools.

Slide T3 Ports Install Fit 3/20

11. With the bumper on the ground, it was time to slide the T3 ports in place and test fir the installation rings. You can see where the inner bumper plastic needed to be trimmed, as well as how well the installation rings cover both the ports and the bumper hole.

Pro Form Adhesive 4/20

12. Attaching the ports to the bumper requires sandwiching the rear installation ring, the OEM bumper assembly, and the front ports together and applying a .125-inch bead of adhesive around the rear installation ring. Prepped with a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water mix, the surface should be clean and free of debris before applying the adhesive.

Clamp Ports 5/20

13. Once you’ve laid down the bead, it’s time to clamp the ports down tight and allow the adhesive to set for 6-hours. The working time is about 12 minutes so you have time to verify the alignment of the ports before clamping it down for the long haul. Pro tip: final adjustment should be done once the adhesive is cured, so don’t worry if it needs some final tweaks to get everything perfect.

Acs T4 Splitter 6/20

14. The adhesive takes time to cure – time we didn’t have on magazine deadline – so we’re going to skip ahead and show you the installation of our slick ACS T4 splitter and pretend that we waited overnight for the ports work to be completed. Here you can see the T4 splitter, which can be installed in about 15-minutes without giving up any additional ride height or front-end clearance in the process.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Lift Install 7/20

15. We’re using a lift for the installation but it could easily be done with the Camaro on jack stands if you don’t have lift access. With the under carriage rubber seal removed and the two center 10mm bolts out of the way, slide the splitter in place and re-install the two centermost 10mm bolts.

Acs Splitter Fit 8/20

16. Honestly, the fitment of the ACS splitter was spot on right out of the box. It lined up perfectly flush with the contour of the bumper and hit the wheel well cutout perfectly on the passenger side. The driver side corner needed about an 1/8th of an inch shift rearward, which was done by loosening the 10mm bolts and sliding the splitter back.

Splitter Pre Drilled Holes 9/20

17. With the fitment of the T4 splitter perfected, it was time to drill eight small 8mm holes in the bottom of the bumper to attach the pressure clips. The ACS splitter is already pre-drilled, which means all you need to do is slide a drill bit through the holes and push the provided pins up in place.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Acs T3 Ports Vertical Lights 10/20

18. Boom. The ACS T3 ports, EagleT3 lights, and T4 splitter took our stock Camaro SS front fascia from mild to wild in no time. The T3 ports follow the factory bumper lines for a clean OE look and they compliment the aggressive but still street friendly front splitter perfectly. Our Camaro will have no trouble standing out from the crowd now, and we’re just getting started!


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