How to Add a ZL1 Front End to a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Clone Wars - Combining factory and aftermarket ZL1 parts for the ultimate nose-job

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Stock Ss Hood Unbolted 2/35

16. The stock SS hood is unbolted and carefully placed aside.

Finished Zl1 Hood 3/35

17. Meanwhile the finished ZL1 hood was waiting to be plucked and slid onto the Camaro. In painting the insert white, Greg was obviously attempting to mimic the factory white stripe, which he also had painted onto the ZL1 spoiler.

Insert New Hood 4/35


Bottom Radiator Shroud 5/35

19. Back at Camaro Now headquarters, Greg removed the SS bumper again as well as the bottom radiator shroud. The top piece is a new ZL1 piece, and the bottom is the factory SS. This is one of several support pieces needed to convert the nose. See the parts list for a full rundown.

Assembling Zl1 Bumper Grille 6/35

20. Greg starts assembling the ZL1 bumper by snapping the freshly painted lower grille into the fascia.

Lower Light Zl1 7/35

21. The fog lights carry over from the SS, though new bezels are needed to retain them in the bumper.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Ss Fog Lights 8/35

22. This lower light (DRL) as well as the retainer is unique to the ZL1, and they install together.

Adapter Harness Gen5diy Camaro 9/35

23. Greg picked up this adapter harness from Gen5DIY that allows the SS to run the ZL1 Daytime Running Lights (DRL). He thinks it might be possible to run a factory ZL1 bumper harness, however, it would require some tweaking to the Body Control Module.

Heritage Grille Camaro 10/35

24. Next the Heritage grille is snapped into the fascia. Again, you can use any fifth-gen grille you want–Greg is partial to this one.

Camaro Ss Bumper Trim 11/35

25. The trim ring was scavenged from the SS bumper, which has to be riveted into the new one with plastic GM rivets. After installing the Bowtie, the front bumper is complete and ready to install.

Slide Bumper Front End 12/35

26. Greg lifts the bumper into place and slides it onto the front-end.

Brake Cooling Ducts 13/35

27. Brake cooling ducts were a must for Greg when doing the conversion, and we are happy to report zero clearance issues–even with the Fastlane air intake.

Zl1 Wheel Wells 14/35

28. The ZL1 wheel wells are essential to pulling off the conversion, and thankfully they snap into place easily and look very slippery when installed. Notice the port for the brake cooling ducts. We also spotted “Z/28” curiously cast into them.

Belly Pan 15/35

29. Like the brake cooling ducts, some may not consider the belly pan essential, however, Greg was not the sort to let it go. He wanted all the functional elements that go along with the ZL1 conversion. He later trimmed it to clear the ARH long-tube headers.

Rockers Install 16/35

30. Again, rockers are not essential to the conversion, but Greg was going all out. Thankfully the installation was quick and painless. The new ones snapped into place in minutes.

Side Stripe Camaro 17/35

31. Perhaps the hardest part was finishing the side stripe, which had been partially deleted in the bumper swap. Our deadline was pretty tight, so we went with the quickest solution. Greg cut this piece of vinyl by hand, and fellow SIM Editor Steve Baur used his surgical precision to install them.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Ss New Hood Bumper 18/35

32. All in all, the results were impressive and Greg couldn’t be happier. The paint matched perfectly and really popped in the sunlight. While borrowing several ZL1 elements, he has managed to create something unique that contributes to his overall goal and vision for the build. Now it’s your turn.

Service Performed Camaro Now 19/35


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