1969 Chevy Camaro - Floor Creation & Mini-Tubs

Part 3: Jigsaw Puzzle

Brad Ocock Nov 21, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Added Tire 2/22

11. From the bottom of the car, you can see the added clearance afforded by the Chris Alston’s Chassisworks mini-tubs (top, or driver side) versus the stock wheel opening (bottom, passenger side). It’s several inches of added tire clearance.

Complete 3/22

12. With the wheeltub area clearanced, the complete floorpan assembly is ready to be mated to our body.

Floorpan Slid Into 4/22

13. The floorpan is slid into the body from the rear, and affixed to mounting points on the body jig. Remember, the body already has the firewall assembly on it, while the firewall on the floor jig stays with the jig.

Inner Wheelhousing Clamped To 5/22

19. The inner wheelhousing is clamped to the framerail and seat bulkhead, the floor drops are clamped to the inner wheelhousing and trunk floor, and the trunk floor is clamped to the inner valance, which is clamped to the end of the framerails. Remember, the whole floorpan assembly is bolted to the body jig. The reason for clamping everything in place, rather than welding one piece at a time, is to correct any misalignments and trim excess metal if and where needed. Once everything is fitted together, the welding will begin.

Outer Clamped To Inner 6/22

20. The outer wheelhousing is clamped to the inner housing along the factory flange, using the factory alignment hole in the flange.

Trim Bulkhead 7/22

14. To clear the wider inner wheel housings/mini-tubs, the bulkhead area behind the rear seat is trimmed. There are a couple of panels in this area—the bracing from the package tray to the floor, and then a side piece from the bracing to each wheeltub. The spot welds were drilled and a horizontal cut freed the piece that attaches to the wheelhousing.

Boxing 8/22

15. The wider inner wheelhousing cuts into the framerail—boxing plates are added to maintain the ’rail’s integrity. A note for racers: All reproduction rear ’rails are made to convertible specs, meaning its a heavier gauge and adds a significant amount of structural rigidity.

Everything Attached To 9/22

21. Once all the clamps are in place, the rear panels of the body are bolted to the jig, the front of the floorpan is clamped to the bottom of the firewall, which is attached to the rockers and the body, which are bolted to the jig. Next month we’ll watch as the AMD Installation Center hangs and fits the outer sheetmetal, and welds it all into a restored body.

Rear Seat 10/22

16. With the inner wheelhouse clamped in place, that piece of excess material removed earlier is trimmed and fitted to the new, wider wheeltub, and welded back to the rear seat bulkhead.

Cross Rail Fitted To Trunk 11/22

17. At the very back of the trunk floor, the cross rail is fitted to the trunk floor and the back edge of the framerails. It’s just fitted at this point, not welded.

Extensions 12/22

18. With the cross rail clamped in place, the trunk floor drops and extensions are trimmed and fitted to both sides of the trunk floor, and tied into the inner wheelhousing.


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