1983 Buick Regal T - Metal Work

Our rusted-out '83 T-type needed lots of help, so we started from the ground up

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For months now, I'm sure you've been wondering what ever happened to our 1983 Buick Regal T-type, “G Machine,” project. Well, truth be told, you don't get a car donated that doesn't have serious rust issues. While the body work itself had developed a nice patina that we had considered preserving, the floorboards looked like something out of Fred Flintstone's ride as the previous owner described it. So this turned out to be quite an exercise in rust repair for the students of Dave Rushen at the Burlington County Institute of Technology in Medford, New Jersey. They started from the ground up, installing new floorboards from Summit Racing and even replaced the floor of the trunk via a donor car from a local salvage yard (Buster's Salvage Yard in Browns Mills, NJ). Throughout the car, the students also used salvaged pieces to replaced the rust—including on the doors. However, G Body Parts was sourced for new sill plates, quarter panel patches, and the front/rear bumper filler pieces. Last, but not least, once all of this was completed the students helped weld in a 6-point roll bar from Competition Engineering. Now the Buick is structurally sound, which means we can progress on to (hopefully) faster moving and more exciting things.

1983 Buick Regal T Rear 26/26


Energy Suspension
San Clemente, 92673
Summit Racing
Akron, OH
Competition Engineering
Guilford, CT 06437
G Body Parts
Bethel, NC 27812
Burlington County Institute of Technology
Medford, NJ


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