1972 Chevrolet Nova Front & Rear Bumper Install - Curb Appeal

Installing new headlight trim and side marker bezels with front and rear bumpers for a fresh look

Sean Haggai Aug 22, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Building a project car is more than a beefed-up suspension, a plush interior, and a killer drivetrain. While those items make the project handle better and drive faster, the exterior of the car is just as important. Many years of abuse on the road can take a toll on any exterior. Compound that situation with an exchange of different owners and the outer shell of any project car can appear a little thrashed and tired. After all, it’s the first observation onlookers make about your car. It should be visually stunning and pleasing to the eye.

By most standards, sleeper-style builds are cool because of their stealthy persona, but there’s something to be said about a new set of flashy bumpers and trim. In our case, the more obvious items of our Nova project were starting to show their age. Our ’72 has battled its fair share of parking lot bumps, fender benders, and enough heat to crack the plastic trim.

To get a fresh jump on our aged face, we turned to Classic Industries for all of our exterior OEM replacement items. Researching Classics’ vast inventory online, we found all-new front and rear bumpers, a filler panel, the side marker bezels, and the headlight trim. What’s more, fit and finish are perfect; everything was installed just like the original and kept us within our $500 budget. If a basic makeover is in your plans, then follow along as we show how a few select items can give your ride a completely new look.


Classic Industries
Huntington Beach, CA 92648




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