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Diy Spray-In Bedliner

Sean Haggai Jul 20, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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When we first finished the bodywork and paint on project Brutus at Rubio's Auto Body, we left the bed untouched. At the time, we did this to save money due to the additional supplies and materials it would have required. In the months to come, Brutus will eventually haul various parts; call it a shop truck of sorts. What we realized is that a coat of paint isn't enough protection for the bed against dents and dings sure to be caused from our heavy-duty hauling plans.

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To combat the wear and tear, we learned that the same material professionals use to spray late-model truck beds with can be purchased as a complete do-it-yourself kit, and be easily applied in the comfort of your driveway. We headed over to Classic Industries, best known for replacement and restoration parts, for the bedliner kit. The Al's Liner kit is a one-stop system that features three separate jugs of easy-to-use chemicals, a primer, coloring agent, and an air gun with hopper. In a nutshell, here's the procedure: mix the chemicals thoroughly and start spraying-that's it.

One thing you will need access to is an air compressor, along with plastic or paper tarping to protect against overspray. While we knew this would protect our bed, even offering UV protection, the benefits don't stop there. The good news is that the liner can be applied to areas of the chassis as well, such as the undercarriage and frame.

Before we got to work applying the liner, we had a little bit of prep work ahead of us. After a few hours of sanding the bed, our El Camino was ready to be sprayed. In the end, we are proud of the finish, ease of installation, and the fact that we have a professional looking bedliner without having incurred a professional cost. Check out the following pages to see what's involved and how simple it is to protect your investment with a quality spray-in bedliner.

Quick Notes

What We Did
Applied Al's Liner spray-in bedliner onto our '66 El Camino

Bottom Line
It protects panels and provides a durable surface

Cost (Approx)
$100 (PN 20099, black) $56 (PN 20018, spray gun)


Classic Industries
Huntington Beach, CA 92648




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