1972 Chevrolet Nova Hood Replacement - The Cover-Up

2-Inch Cowl Hood Makeover

Sean Haggai Jul 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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While cruising the streets or enduring track-test punishment, our ugly duckling '72 Nova performs flawlessly. However, sporting three different hues of blue and some gray primer, it lacks the looks to back up its performance. In an effort to fit the roots-type Weiand-142 supercharger, a 1-inch spacer, and the Holley 730-cfm carburetor, we went old-school on the hood. Although it wasn't pretty, we made a template and Sawzall'd a hole into the hood. We didn't need much in height clearance, but the factory hood wouldn't shut without our modification, and a new hood wasn't in the budget at the time. But we certainly weren't willing to give up the extra 100 hp we gained on the dyno.

chp_01_z 1972_chevrolet_nova_hood_replacement New_hood 2/13

When it came down to finally doing something about the air cleaner sticking through the hood, at first we thought a 1-inch cowl would do the trick, but upon closer inspection we realized a 1-inch would not clear the air cleaner assembly, even with a drop-base setup. Next up was the 2-inch cowl option. Not only would this give us the clearance we needed, but it would also satisfy our hunger for a more muscular look. Browsing through Auto Metal Direct's (AMD) website, we came across exactly what we were after: a 2-inch aluminum cowl hood. It would even come shipped to our door ready for paint. We upgraded our hood springs at the same time since the factory ones are made for the steel hood.

chp_02_z 1972_chevrolet_nova_hood_replacement Original_hood 3/13

Obviously, the AMD hood looks great and fits perfectly, but there's another feature that really shined for us-its low weight. Our old, steel hood was twice as portly at 46 pounds; that's right, the aluminum hood weighs in at a petite 23 pounds. Suffice it to say, our old hood served us well, but we're happy to welcome the new look. Still, you be the judge and let us know if you like what you see.

Quick Notes
What We Did

Replaced the factory hood with an aluminum cowl piece and hood springs

Bottom Line
It's lightweight, fits perfectly, and looks the part

Cost (Approx)


Auto Metal Direct
Buford, GA 30518




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