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OEM's new "anodized look" paint is the bomb!

Seth Millhollin Mar 21, 2005

Your own special touch is what really makes your ride stand apart from all others. Every individual out there has certain aspects of their car that they are exceptionally proud of. This new product from OEM is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get a little more shine out of anything you can think of on your car.

The AnodizeFX from OEM Paints is a revolutionary new aerosol design. It can be used on chromed surfaces, and once applied, it will have give appearance of glossy anodizing. But, as we found out after raiding our editor's personal "boneyard," this new paint can be applied to almost anything: wheels, suspension components, plastic, etc.

With the use of other appliers it can be used on any metal or non-metal surface. Whether it is used on plastic panels or a steel dashboard, the same vibrant color and shine is the final result.

All of this can be done in the convenience of your own home, and can save you a lot over actual anodizing or powder coating. With just a little bit of time and a few cans of paint, you can completely transform most of the old parts on your ride and create something that is unique to you.


Here's the complete line of the AnodizeFX from OEM Paints. There are nine different colors to choose from. They also offer a low luster spray if you want less shine.

We raided our editor's back yard for some old parts. An old chrome shifter, a rusty spindle, a set of dirty trailing arms, a plastic grille and vacuum pod, and a shabby looking set of calipers. All were perfect starting points to show how cool this new anodize paint is.

We started by first cleaning the plastic items with some Windex and a thorough rinse. As with anything to be painted, surface preparation is paramount.

The next step for the plastic trim pieces was the PrepEZ cleaner before the Adhesion Promoter was applied. For all non-metal surfaces you must use this promoter before applying any coats of paint.

After the spindle was sandblasted and cleaned, it received a treatment of the Luminous Silver. Like all other non-chromed surfaces this must be used as a base coat. This silver will give the anodize look in the paint something to contrast with.

After all the painting was done here is what our final results looked like. All our new items have awesome color with a great shine.

With the choices in colors, there is something for everybody. We even used a little Alumi-Blast on the caliper brackets.

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