1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Gen IV Sure Fit Series - Air Apparent

An Obvious Upgrade For Any Classic Chevelle

Chuck Hansen Aug 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Driven To Success
Even though the Vintage Air kit comes with a new compressor and the brackets to mount it all up, we decided to take the opportunity to update the front of our engine with one of their Front Runner accessory drive systems. That would eliminate the old v-belt system, replacing it with a contemporary serpentine belt and reconfigure all our accessories in one nice, tight package that takes less power to drive. It's available in natural aluminum or black, and with or without a new, small Saginaw pump that mounts tightly to the rest of the system.

Sucs_1033_35_o 1970_chevrolet_chevelle_malibu_gen_iv_sure_fit_series Front_runner_accessory_mount_system 2/51

Making A Dash For It
One of the reasons we decided to install the Vintage Air Sure Fit system is that it minimizes the modifications necessary to cool our classic Chevelle, and that it would give us the appearance of a "factory-original" setup. To achieve that look, Vintage Air created vent adapters, a glove compartment modification, and even a new control unit that looks "factory" and installs using the original mounts. The end result speaks for itself, and once the installation is complete the integration of new with the old is difficult to detect unless you're really paying attention.




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