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Chevelle Digital Gauge Cluster - En-Gaugement

How To Turn Your Standard '72 Malibu/Chevelle Cockpit Into A "Super Sport"

Dan Ryder Mar 26, 2008
Sucs_0732_01_z 1972_chevy_malibu Dakota_digital_gauge_cluster 2/19

Let's face it, no matter what make or model, early style dashboards contain a certain "cool factor." Back in the '30s, '40s

and '50s there was just as much steel contained in the dashboard as there is in an entire late-model vehicle (at least it seems that way). Not too long ago I was sitting in an all-original '39 Chevy with suicide doors. As I sat there I began to think, "If this car could talk, I'm sure it could tell a story or two." Who knows, maybe it was once driven by the "wiseguys"--you know, brimmed hats, pinstriped suits, and Tommy guns (OK, I'm getting a little carried away now, but you get the idea). Anytime I stare into an old dash it brings me back in time.

Sucs_0732_02_z 1972_chevy_malibu Digital_dash_installation 3/19

Our first order of business was to remove the carpeting from the area above the transmission tunnel, thus allowing room for the installation of the horseshoe shifter. After making some measurements, the proper holes were drilled and the shifter was bolted into place.

Fast-forward 10 or 20 years to when plastics were introduced into the equation. While they looked good when new, plastics were prone to fading and cracking over time. Thanks to the strength and popularity of vehicle restoration, the aftermarket has provided us with replacement parts to repair our faded, worn and cracked dashboard and instrument cluster components.

For this particular installation we hunted down the final pieces of the puzzle in order to complete the cockpit of this '72 Malibu to Chevelle SS conversion. While much of the conversion was performed to re-create the period-correct "SS" style, portions were done in retro rod style.

After much debate it was decided that we would use Dakota Digital's '70-72 Chevelle SS digital gauge cluster. For over 20 years Dakota Digital (located on the outskirts of Sioux Falls, South Dakota) has manufactured high-quality digital instrumentation and specialty electronics for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other custom applications. Dakota Digital vows that you will receive the best products, service and support, even beyond the sale.

The Dakota Digital Super Sport gauges are a bolt-in package, which provides parameters such as speed, tachometer, voltage, oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel level, all in the existing SS locations.

Sucs_0732_03_z 1972_chevy_malibu Digital_dash_installation 4/19

Next we were required to bolt the shifter cable bracket to the transmission linkage (these are transmission model specific, note when ordering). Once the bracket was installed we routed our shifter cable, attaching it at the transmission linkage and shifter. All adjustments were simply made via the slot contained within the shifter itself.

Additional attributes include high-speed recall, high-rpm recall, quarter-mile timer, quarter-mile speed, turn signals, high-beam indicator, check engine light, parking brake indicator, and cruise control (when properly equipped with these options).

In order to begin the conversion we needed to order the Dakota Digital instrumentation, floor console/shifter kit, and SS style dash components. We proceeded by calling upon Original Parts Group in Huntington Beach, CA. Ordering the necessary components were a snap with the aid of the knowledgeable staff at OPG. By explaining our goals for this conversion, the staff at OPG was able to put together a complete list of necessary components along with expedited shipping services. OPG has been voted ARMO's (Automotive Restoration Market Organization) "Dealer of the Year" at the prestigious SEMA show. This award is given in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to excellence in the restoration parts business.

Once all the parts were received we quickly laid them out on the floor in a mock-type fashion in order to be sure nothing was missing. Once all was accounted for, the battery was disconnected for safety reasons (as it should be before beginning any project), and our quest towards "SS" stardom had begun.

OPG Parts List
S6872M complete console kit with shifter
CH23644 '70-72 dash housing
CH22081 '70-72 glovebox door
GL10950 glovebox lamp kit
CH22080 '70-72 SS dash ashtray
CH26992 '71-72 cig lighter housing
CH26530 '71-72 cig lighter
PZ00003 glovebox lock casing
KK26038 '70-77 original glovebox lock
CHV4576 '70-72 "SS" steering column cover
CH24950 '68-72 GM floor shift cable
KM02017 trans cable bracket
KK26070 '70-72 original style console lock
11925 '68-72 console harness w/ automatic
KM02040 neutral safety switch
CH26487 '70-72 Chevelle/El Camino digital SS gauge cluster & housing


Dakota Digital
Sioux Falls, SD 57107



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