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Electric Life Power Window Kit - Quit Being Cranky

We add a power window kit to our '69 Camaro

Nov 1, 2012
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Can you remember back in the day when things like power windows and door locks were actually optional? And very few cars were equipped with them? We do and if you own a pre-'80s Chevrolet, then you do as well. Muscle cars with power windows are pretty rare by most standards. It used to be converting a crank window car to power was kind of a pain. You had to find used factory stuff or go with some sort of odd cable system that wasn't quite as good as the factory stuff.

Fortunately, those issues are now a thing of the past, and the manual-to-power conversion is easier than ever. Thanks to the folks at Electric-Life, you can convert your classic Chevy to power windows in a few hours without having to cut the car up. The company makes power window regulators that are of OE quality and design. In most cases they are made to bolt right into the door without the need of drilling new mounting holes. These regulators are the scissor-type, and are identical to most OE applications. This gives the windows a smooth operation and years of service life.

On top of the power regulators, Electric-Life also makes a full selection of switches for any type of build. They have everything from the stock rocker-style all the way to billet illuminated switches. They even have options for the guys who want the car to look factory with these killer switches that use the factory window crank handle.

Our wiring guy, Raymond "Lucky" Costa, from Mobile Tech called us about this kick-ass '69 Camaro one of his customers was building. He was just getting ready to install the Electric-Life power window conversion on it so we decided to go over and follow along. Since this car is in the mid-build phase, we won't be finishing the job completely in the way the switch mounting and door panel install, but we will still give you all the information you need to decide if you want to convert your car to power.


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