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Dakota Digital's new VHX analog/digital gauge system

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Then, just for the heck of it, we looked at what it would cost to rebuild our cluster buying replacement components from Classic Industries and that ran upwards of $1,261. Plus, we would have to live with a lower top speed on the speedometer and a lower redline on the tachometer, as the Z28 stuff isn't available.

So all of these options are available, but none of them offer the factory-style integration or expandability as the VHX, and until you get into gauges that cost much more do you get to the dial lighting--LCD message centers, micro-controlled precision stepper motors and solid-state sensors. To us, the VHX system was looking like the best choice for our build because of all the things it offers, the middle of the road pricing, and the fact that it just looks awesome. There are two different face color options available (silver or carbon-fiber) and two lighting colors, (blue or red). We went the carbon-fiber route with red lighting. To complement the installation, we picked up a new bezel, headlight knob, and lighter assembly from Classic Industries. All these new components will add some more flash and cleanliness to the completed package.

Parts and Prices

Dakota Digital VHX Analog/Digital Gauge System
  • PN: VHX-70C-CAM-C-R
  • Price: $795.00
Dash Carrier With Chrome Trim
  • PN: K968
  • Price: $139.95
  • PN: 7028146
  • Price: $29.99
Lighter Housing
  • PN: 7028056
  • Price: $21.95
Headlamp Switch Knob
  • PN: 3954210
  • Price: $16.95
Screw Kit
  • PN: SK1885
  • Price: $24.99
Total: $1,028.83

Wire Color Breakdown

Control Box PortFactory Wire Color
HighLight Green
LeftDark Blue
RightLight Blue
Fuel SNDTan w/Black
ACC PowerPink
Constant PowerRed


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