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25 With that Lucky installed all the fuses, hooked up the battery, and did an initial check of things that are always on like the head and brakelights. They worked as they should, so he turned the key to the run position and checked the key-on accessories, like the turn signals and fuel pump. When those checked out, Lucky turned the key to the Start position and the small-block lit off like a champ. After a few more checks he passed the car back to the owner. Months later, we contacted Jim, the owner. He reported there are no more issues with the car and now it is much nicer to drive since everything works. If, after reading this story, you still can't decide which kit is right for you, check out American Autowire's website, where they have a Wiring Whole Car Quote section in which you answer some questions and a representative will help you decide what is right for your car, budget, and wrenching skills.


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