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Boom Mat Installation - Quiet Cabin

Cutting Down Interior Noise and heat With Boom Mat-and Without Adding A Lot of Weight

Sep 28, 2011
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We are constantly talking about installing the most efficient parts on your car to produce better performance. For example, a free-flowing exhaust will increase the efficiency of the motor and in turn make power, but how do we apply this thinking to other aspects of the vehicle like, say, interior noise and the audio system?

No matter how good your speakers are at producing music, they still have to overcome the ambient noise in the interior. Ever notice that your stereo sounds louder when you stop at a light? That's because the road noise cancels out some of the frequencies in the music. Road noise or big lumpy cams will have you turning the dial a few more clicks just so you can hear it.

The best way to cut down interior noise is to cover the metal surfaces with products to increase their density to lessen vibrations or absorb sound waves altogether.

Sound is just that, vibrations or waves that your ear converts to sound, so if you can cut out the unwanted vibrations it lets your ears just process the sounds desired, like your stereo or chatty passengers. Another added benefit to using these products is the insulation properties. You car will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter-a major plus for classic car owners. One of the things we hear a lot is, "That sound dampening stuff is really heavy and I don't want it slowing down my car." To answer that concern, we are going to weigh the vehicle before and after so we will know exactly how much weight is added. This story will show you the newest sound dampening products offered by Boom Mat, a division of Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), and how to use them. The Boom Mat products are specifically designed to reduce road noise and dampen vibrations that plague older vehicles. Installing the products is pretty straightforward-peel and stick or spray and shoot-so most of your time will be spent disassembling your interior.



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