Keyless Entry System Install - Remote Lock Down

Adding a keyless entry kit to protect your paint and make life easier.

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While having a classic muscle car is a pretty cool thing, adding modern conveniences makes it even better. Let's face it: Using a key to unlock the door is not that bad when it's just you getting in the car. Throw in someone climbing into the passenger side and you have to do the lean-across-the-seat deal to let them in.

Another issue with using a key to unlock the door is the potential for scratching the paint with god-knows-what hanging off your key ring. If you look at a lot of unrestored old cars, you'll typically notice a lot of scratches on the doors around the keyhole.

The best way to alleviate these issues is to install a power door lock system. While there are a few systems out on the market, the Klassic Keyless setup is the most straightforward one we have dealt with in a long time.

The kit is not a one-size-fits-all deal, but instead has been designed specifically for each application. This minimizes the amount of holes you need to drill and also simplifies the installation process. Tom Pelchat, owner of Klassic Keyless, says, "I wanted the system to install as easy as possible so I design the kits to each vehicle instead of just sending all the components and letting the end user figure out how to make it all work."

The kit comes with a keyless entry module with onboard relays for a clean installation, a pair of two-button remote controls, two door-lock actuators with 15 pounds of pull and built in overload protection, brackets to mount the actuators, two rubber doorjamb boots, two actuator connecting rods and clips, wire harness, full-color step-by-step instruction manual, and all necessary hardware. The system can easily be installed in just a few hours and will set you back a little over 200 bucks. j

Adding a keyless entry kit to protect your paint and make life easier.




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