First-Gen Camaro Seat Restoration - Sport Seats with an OE Look

TMI's New Foam And Covers Really Improve The Performance Of A Stock Camaro Seat.

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With so many companies offering high-tech suspension systems, old muscle cars are getting used in ways they just weren't designed for. While the old-school Camaro's seats do a good job holding you in place during a straight-line launch, they pretty much don't do bubkes once you start aggressively turning the wheel. Usually the only simple option to cure that problem is to buy a racing-type seat and stuff it in the interior where it could look totally out of place depending on the build style.

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TMI Products has been making restoration interior components for over 20 years and has come up with something pretty cool for the guy who wants modern-type seating while retaining the classic look. TMI knew there was a need for an upgrade in the Camaro market and customers were asking for it so TMI got busy creating these resto mod-style covers and foam.

The Sport Seat foam and covers are designed to be installed on a factory frame and yield a high bolstered "keep you in place" seat. The covers are made with all the correct materials and grain and the foam has that perfect balance of density and comfort.

While the Sport Seat covers and foam are premium products, most of the time they are only 50 to 75 bucks more than using TMI's stock replacement foam and covers for two front seats. Upon first glance, the seats look only a little different compared to stock, but once you sit your butt down the different becomes quite apparent.

We got a sneak peak of these seats at the '10 SEMA show and wanted a more in-depth examination. We went over to the TMI headquarters to not only see how the Sport Seat foam and covers go together, but also see how some of the parts are made.


TMI Products
Corona, CA




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