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Ro McGonegal Jan 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)

Things To Consider
1. Read the instructions included with the Auto Meter gauges so that you can identify the type of gauges you will be using as well as the special instructions requiring modification during the installation.

2. Kit requires some modification to original under-dash harness. Although Autowire strives to make the integration of this product as easy as possible, it is not intended as a plug-and-play interface, thus requiring substitution of components requiring modifications on your part. In other words, bring a complete stock of the various wire ends, connectors, and the correct gauge wiring.

3. This harness is designed for Auto Meter Series 1 (used in this installation).

4. Important: Instrument panel grounding is critical to gauge operation, so the single most important thing you must do is to check all grounds to the vehicle and the instruments. Warranty is voided if you connect to a coil when using an auxiliary ignition box (MSD, Crane, Holley, etc.). Before you connect the tach, check the electronic box manufacturer for signal location prior to installation.

5. To prevent scratching the gauge lens while cleaning, use a mild soapy solution and lightly wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Electronic Speedometer Calibration
1. With the engine off, push and hold the trip/reset button. While holding it down, start the engine. Continue to depress the button until the pointer sweeps to full scale. Now release the button.

2. Find a stretch of road with miles pre-marked (toll road, interstate, etc.) and stop. The distance to it is irrelevant. DO NOT SHUT THE ENGINE OFF. Push and release the trip/reset button. The pointer will drop to half scale (the middle of the dial).

3. Drive a distance of 2 miles, as indicated by the road marker. Regardless of your vehicle speed, the pointer will remain at half-scale. Because it is receiving a speed signal, the LCD odometer will be counting rapidly. If you must stop, that's okay. The speedometer will stop counting pulses during your stopping period.

4. Stop exactly at the end of the 2 mile distance. Press and release the trip/reset button. The speedometer pointer will drop to 0 and the calibration is stored. Remember that the accuracy of the 2 mile distance will directly affect the accuracy of the speedometer.

5. Hints: Prior to this exercise, make sure that tire pressure is at the recommend inflation. Tire diameter grows slightly as speed increases. To minimize this, drive at a constant 45 mph during the calibration process. Tire diameter also changes when there is undue load, so do the cal with the vehicle at normal running weight and don't break traction when you begin the calibration.


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