Bow-Style Headliner Restoration - Roof Rehab

How To Install A Bow-Style Headliner At Home.

In our September issue, we showed you the step-by-step procedures it takes to re-cover a bucket seat with simple tools you already own. To continue on with the "helping you restore an interior at home" theme, we will now tackle the headliner. Just about every muscle car up to the mid-'70s had a bow-style headliner. Instead of a hard board covered in material like what's found in later cars, these were sewn together units suspended by multiple steel bows inserted into the roof.

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While this bow-style look is pretty sexy when done right, it is also kind of a pain to restore. This story will map out the procedure and simple tools needed to complete the roof resto at home. We will walk you through removal and installation, with tips along the way to help you produce killer results. We used a very clean '63 Chevy Nova Wagon as our guinea pig for the work. This car has way more bows in it than most coupes and is a bit more open for us to get pictures. If after reading this you are still a little intimidated, either write us a letter/e-mail with your questions or start a thread on the forums at


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