Bucket Seat Restoration - Seat Resto-You Can Do It!

How To Transform A Clapped-Out Set Of Buckets Into Something Worth Sitting On.

Upholstery, much like paint, is one of those tasks in restoring a muscle car that is usually sourced out to a shop. While both tasks take special skills and tools, upholstery can be done at home. Now, we're not talking about sewing up a custom interior; we are talking about restoration. Thanks to companies like Original Parts Group you can get pre-sewn covers that you can install at home. Until we can order a painted body from a company, we'll leave that to the professionals.

Sucp_1009_37 Bucket_seat_restoration Before_and_after 2/38

There have been many tech articles written about how to cover a seat. Most of the time they graze over the things you really need to know. We are going to break that cycle right now and show you step- by-step how to properly restore a bucket seat. We are going to touch on how to tear them down, tune up the springs, install new foam, and finish off with stretching on the covers. To top it off, all this work will be done with typical handtools and a heat gun. Hopefully at the end of this story you will have enough confidence to tackle the job yourself and save a few bucks by doing so.


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