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Project Homewrecker gets its insides out and its outsides in

Dan Ryder Sep 27, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Now that we're all insulated and carpeted up, we'll move to the shifter console, which needed replacing. We first removed the front extensions on both sides. Once the extensions are removed, a hidden screw will be revealed that also needs removal.

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Moving to the top, take out the four screws retaining the console shift plate. Unscrew the shifter knob and pull up on the shifter T-handle in order to remove (take caution not to lose the return spring).

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Next, remove the vent knobs by unscrewing a small Allen head set screw. Once they are taken out, pull off the shift plate.

Sucp_0709_18_z 1972_corvette_coupe Interior_restoration 5/33

We now have access to the heater control head, which, once dispatched, will allow room for the removal of the console.

Sucp_0709_19_z 1972_corvette_coupe Interior_restoration 6/33

Before removing the console from the vehicle, it's flipped over and the vent cables are unfastened.

Sucp_0709_20_z 1972_corvette_coupe Interior_restoration 7/33

We then proceeded to switch this support bracket from the old console onto the new one.

Sucp_0709_22_z 1972_corvette_coupe Interior_restoration 8/33

We installed the new console by reversing our previous steps. The next item to be installed is the rear portion of the console.

Sucp_0709_21_z 1972_corvette_coupe Interior_restoration 9/33

As this car does not come with a factory glovebox, we opted for this custom unit from Mid America Motorworks with a built-in armrest and additional storage. We were required to swap the emergency brake handle seal assembly as shown.

Sucp_0709_24_z 1972_corvette_coupe Interior_restoration 10/33

Next, the rear quarter trim panels were installed, along with the cross trim that links the two.


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