Tri-Five Chevy Power Windows - A New Look

One-Piece Power Windows For Tri-Five Chevys

Jim Rizzo Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Power window conversions have been popular upgrades for a while now, and the aftermarket offers quite a few variations on the theme. Here we're going to take look at one such offering, one that presents a cool twist on the standard conversion-one-piece side windows. Specialty Power Windows has recently added a one-piece power window conversion kit for the ever-popular Tri-Five Chevy, which allows you to add the ease of power operation, and to delete those noisy old wing windows at the same time.

Recently, we had the opportunity to witness a SPW installation of a four-place (front and rear) kit into a '55 two-door post. The installation is a pretty involved process-not really too difficult, but there is a lot to it. Due to space limitations, we'll show only the highlights. There's no better way to get the scoop on an install of any kind than to watch one performed by an expert. We lucked out, as Mike Cox of the Glass House in San Dimas, California, volunteered to show us how it's done. Follow along, because what we're able to show you here may come in handy when you do it yourself.


Specialty Power Windows
Forysth, GA 31029
The Glass House




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