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1955 Chevy 210 Custom Interior - An Inside Job

Morrison's GT55-Part 7

Craig Morrison Dec 1, 2004
Sucp_0412_01_z 1955_chevy_210_custom_interior Dynamat_coverage 2/41

To ensure that the car will be quiet and cool, the entire floor, starting with the inner firewall, was covered with a layer of Dynamat Extreme. When done, every square inch of the floor, trunk, and roof will be covered with this top-quality sound deadener.

Doing your own interior is much like doing your own paint and bodywork. It is usually a job most of us are not familiar with and using tools and materials that we don't use that often. Thankfully, with a little bit of patience and some imagination you can do some of the upholstery work yourself, make your own mark on the inside of your ride, and save a few bucks along the way. As with the paint and bodywork, you may want to only do a portion of the work yourself. In the end, we decided to build the main panels in the car and left the tough stuff to the professionals at McFarland Custom Upholstery.

Inside Tunes
Now that the GT55 is equipped with a great-handling chassis, killer engine/transmission combination, show-quality paint and a modern, sporty interior, the only thing left to upgrade was the sound system. To outfit the GT55 with a top-notch stereo, we contacted Phoenix Gold, a leader in high-performance sound systems.

Sucp_0412_02_z 1955_chevy_210_custom_interior Dynamat 3/41

The roof was given the same treatment as the floor. Dynamat Extreme was laid down to eliminate road noise, vibrations, and heat. Next, we glued in a layer of Dynamat TAC mat. The TAC mat is an insulating foam that will prevent heat from penetrating the roof on those hot summer days and also adds another layer of acoustic sound-deadening material.

After a few conversations with their tech department we decided to utilize their new line of speakers and amplifiers. Engineered from the ground up, these speakers were designed to handle a lot of power and provide outstanding performance. The Xenon subwoofer feature cosmetics inspired by high-end exotic car marques and are constructed with the latest high-tech materials. Their amplifiers utilize the latest high-tech materials in a unique design format incorporating sophisticated engineering and dramatic performance.

Mated up to these components is a Kenwood satellite radio/CD/MP3 receiver and their Music Keg MP3 player. The Music Keg is a storage system for MP3 music files but unlike a CD player the Music Keg's cartridge can hold up to 5,000 songs and can be arranged so your favorite tunes will be right at the top of the play list.

Incorporating these killer pieces into the interior took a little bit of planning, but the amps, subwoofer, and MP3 player were easily stored in the trunk while the midrange speakers and tweeters were incorporated into the door and quarter panels.

The results of using such great components were nothing short of phenomenal. Now whenever we go for a cruise or decide to do a little canyon carving, crystal-clear, concert-quality tunes are only a button away.


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