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Camaro Wiring Harness - Wire With Ease

M&H's Wiring Harnesses Fit Just Like The Factory

Jason Walker Apr 1, 2002
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There is always at least one task in the automotive restoration process that seems to produce a splitting headache. Yep, wiring has left a bad taste in a car enthusiast's mouth at one point or another. Maybe we should feel lucky to be building cars that, for the most part, did not come with nervous systems full of wires powering every kind of creature comfort known to man-like most newer cars do today. To back that up even more, we all have access to companies like M&H Electric Fabricators, which specialize in no-muss, no-fuss replacement wire looms that anyone can install without the migraine.

M&H's kits come ready to install with no splicing, cutting, or fitting of any kind. How much easier can it be? All harnesses are assembled by hand and include the correct color wire and connectors for a perfect factory look and fit. M&H will also modify a factory harness to accept HEI ignitions and internally regulated alternators. While rewiring our fabled Classical Resurrection Camaro recently, we noticed that, along with the harnesses' having the correct length, all mounting hardware was built into the loom just like from the factory. These looms also come with the correct cloth tape or non-adhesive wrap.

Sucp_0204_02_z Camaro_wiring_harness Kick_panels 3/21

Aside from the carpet and kick panels that need to be removed, there is a rocker cover that, seemingly, protects the wiring that runs under it as well as creates a bridge between the rocker and floor panels.

Once we have located the correct loom for our First-Gen Camaro, the first thing we did was compare the new with the old. You will want to not only compare color and length but make sure all connectors are in the correct spot along the loom. Even if just one connector is in the wrong place or is just the wrong configuration, it will probably mean it's the wrong loom all together. Every part of your new loom will match the factory harness exactly.

The first loom to install should be the one designed for the main body with the fuse box at one end. The other harnesses in the kit will connect to this one and branch off to their final destinations. Make sure the new kit is running in the same direction as the factory kit was installed. If you run into a problem with the mounting points or lengths, then you probably have the loom in the wrong place. (We know because it happened to us a couple of times during this installation.) We should also mention that the kit included a special loom for the factory air conditioning system; however, we had previously installed a Vintage Air A/C unit, which comes with its own loom that we used. Once all looms were installed, the only part left was to terminate the connections at their final destinations, hit the ignition switch, and take off.


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