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The fuse box has been mounted and under dash harness routing has been started. This kit allows complete flexibility in routing connections through the firewall to the engine compartment. For this installation, the original front light harness connection through the firewall is being used as the kit includes the original connector.

All this is great stuff. But what about the kit's ability to handle all the cool stuff we like in a modified car. We tested this by laying out requirements for installing the kit in a '57 car to be equipped with A/C, a Dakota Digital dash cluster, and RAINGEAR(r) under dash wiper system. Added to this was our desire for future addition of power windows, power seats, cruise control, and an electric fuel pump. We did not think this wish list was too much to ask. Filling this bill turned out to be an easy task as provisions for all these requirements are designed into the kit.

The first step in installation was to become familiar with the installation instructions. The "cook book" approach covers installation of the kit in four major groups: under dash, rear body, instrument cluster, and front light and engine wiring. Full schematics are included for the entire car as well as specific installation instructions for each of the four major groups. We removed the seats as this will save considerable time in wiring the body. Other than putting our bodies in those uncomfortable under dash positions, the installation went exactly as shown in the instructions. We now have a high-power electrical system that incorporates modern safety features and expandable power capability for the future.

Headlight switch connection is a plug-in for the included headlight switch.

The instrument cluster was removed in order to see how the harness components are routed. The original harness clips across the upper dash are used as well as clear space along the firewall.

Passenger side wiring continues using stock mounting clips across the upper dash area. Notice the wiring for the ignition switch and the steering column as it lays in the correct position from the firewall extension. Wire placement was designed to avoid interference with under dash cabling and mechanical components. Wiring for the engine compartment is coiled at the firewall. The stock engine harness hole was closed for a smooth firewall appearance. This is no problem as the kit includes more than enough wire to handle the custom routing required for this installation.

Rear body harness plugs into the under dash harness and is retained by body clips in the upper kick panel. Retention clips below the threshold plate are used for routing to the taillights.

Rear body retention clips are used to continue connection to the taillights. Correct original light sockets and tube and grommet assemblies are included in the kit. Even in custom applications, these are a necessity.

Completed rear body harness includes connections for license plate lights and a third brake light.




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