Silverado Interior Upgrades - The Proof's In The Package

A Trick Interior And Kickin' Stereo System Are The Perfect Complement To A Customized Bow-Tie Like Gary Svecki's Vortech-Blown Silverado Fleetside

Steve Lancaster Jul 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)
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The custom, three-dimensional look will be accomplished by blending this special sail panel with the freshly modified inner panel array.

Of course, no custom interior would be complete without a steroid-enhanced sound system capable of rocking everything from the depths of Hades to the heights of Mount Olympus. Svecki turned to Vince Conquilla to provide the necessary mega-wattage. Conquilla is the main impetus behind Quilla Customs Automotive Electrical & Accessories, specializing in all aspects of the automotive electrical field, including customized audio/video systems. "If it's got wires, we can fix it!" is the Quilla Customs' motto. Vince turned to a Pioneer DEX-P1R head unit to provide the sound foundation for the hard- rockin' Fleetside. The unit combines Supertuner V RDS+ID-Logic capabilities with IP-Bus system control, integrated crossovers, auto-EQ, smart remote, and DFS alarm systems for cutting edge technology, while at the same time furnishing simple installation and tuning characteristics, according to Conquilla. The signal is then channeled through twin Kicker ZR120 amps before activating a pair of Resolution Series speakers mounted in the truck's custom kick panels.

The low-end sound waves are courtesy of a Kicker ZR360 amp/Solo-Baric S10d subwoofer combination. Conquilla mounted the arrangement inside a Q Logic enclosure that he custom-fabricated to fit into the Chevy's snug interior, where speaker space is at a premium. The center console-mounted Kicker RGX active remote-gain crossover module allows fingertip fine-tuning of the rate of gain.

The Willie's Upholstery handcrafted interior and Quilla Customs built and tuned sound system have transformed the once-mundane Silverado interior into the perennial "total package." The proof really is in the package, just see for yourself!


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