Electric-Life Power Window Install - POWER UP!


With all of the high-tech gadgets and over engineered doo-dads available for our cars today, some of the more common luxuries are frequently overlooked when it comes to adding modern conveniences to a classic machine. Simple upgrades like power windows are too often left out of an otherwise awesome project because the owner either doesn't know how easy they are to install, or believes the parts are unavailable. In the case of a First-Gen Camaro, neither is true.

Electric Life Power Window Kit 2/26

Our donor car for this story is without exception when it comes to modern appointments and upgrades. With add-ons such as a Vortech supercharger and a US Gear overdrive, this sweet '68 is a mix of nostalgic muscle and modern appointments. So when it came to its no-frills interior, adding a retrofit set of power windows from Electric-Life was a no-brainer.

Even though General Motors has offered the option of power windows since the 1950's, most of the musclecars purchased through the early '70s did not receive them. And, if they did, there is a good chance they were discarded somewhere along the way as many of these rides were transformed into racing-only machines.

Regardless of what happened, it is a relatively simple procedure to install this modern convenience into your ride. The Electric-Life kit that we used included everything to help provide a professional looking-and working-power window system, including all the wiring harnesses, connectors, switches, mounts, you name it.

It even offers a very thorough instruction guide, which can walk anyone through the procedure, regardless of whether they have done it before or not.

All the parts and pieces in the kit are brand new and of the latest technology. These are not the same systems that were used 30 years ago; rather today's technology made for a 30-year-old vehicle. The speed of these new motors is awesome, literally throwing the windows up and down in a blink of an eye. Follow along with us as we complete the task set in front of us. It sounds difficult, but in reality it takes very little work.

Step By Step

You have to remove the bolts surrounding the window crank. This will allow for removal of the old regulators.

With the bolts now removed you can slide the regulator out of the tracks attached to the window. Once it is free slide it out of the bottom of the door.

With the regulator now gone, the window will just sit in the bottom of the door, waiting for extraction. Loosen the adjustable track for the front of the window. This will allow more room when sliding out the glass. Be careful when removing the glass because it can put chips in the paint on the edges of the door.




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