How to Update a 1970 Chevrolet Nova with the TMI Sport Seat II

A Supportive Relationship - Combining classic looks with modern refinements results in a better bucket from TMI Products.

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Install Seat Hardware 2/30

16-17. Locating holes for attaching hardware can be difficult when installing new covers. A trick Emanuel used was to install the hardware first before the cover is completely hog-ringed in place. Then you can locate the bolt and screw heads and cut reliefs in the vinyl before finishing the assembly.

Seat Cover Closeup 3/30


Install Sport Seat Upholstery 4/30

18. After getting the seams in both channels completed and hardware holes located and trimmed out, Emanuel starts working the cover into place around corners and smoothing out any wrinkles. The cover will then get hog-ringed around the bottom sides and on the rear center flap.

Install Back Rest Foam 5/30

19. The same steps used on the bottom cushion are applied on installing the back-rest foam and upholstery. Three listing wires are used on the backrest cover, and the back bottom part of the cover employs the third wire, which Emanuel does as the final step before the trim and headrest are installed.

Install Back Seat Panels 6/30

20-21. We couldn't have fresh foam and upholstery on a seat with cracked and scuffed trim. So we made a call to National Parts Depot for some new seat back panels (PN C-11358-169J) and side shields (PN C-11362-169J). Thanks to the company's huge in-stock inventory, we got them the very next day.

Install Side Shields 7/30


Sport Seat Finished 8/30

22. The fully assembled Sport Seat stands out against the factory offering from 1970. The bolsters are a welcome addition but don't scream

Tmi Sport Seat Full View 9/30

23. Although TMI made us a set of one-off covers, there are other options for Nova owners.

Seating Position Before 10/30

24-25. Some may think the new foam and bigger bolsters will create a higher seating position, but that's not the case.

Seating Position After 11/30


Tmi Pro Series Seat Line 12/30

26. For those wanting to take the Sport Seat to the next level, TMI now has a brand-new Pro Series seat line. Starting with a stronger frame, these seats add modern features, including a reclining backrest and more-aggressive bolsters. There are several options on upholstery, including factory-style Camaro or Chevelle patterns to match existing interiors.

Tmi Modify Seat Tracks 13/30

27. Novas aren't known for an abundance of headroom for passengers above the 6-foot-tall mark. But with new seat tracks available (NPD PN C-11561-119A for RH and C-11561-120A for LH), TMI showed us how you can modify the tracks and gain nearly an inch of additional space.

Remove Track Height 14/30

28. After making a template to locate the mounting holes and a correct alignment, a cutoff wheel made quick work of removing three quarters of an inch from the track height. Welding is necessary to rejoin the tracks, and careful measurements plus a little flat steel and a drill will help keep your mounting locations consistent.

Track Comparison 15/30

29. The finished product still retains the proper slide and fitment, and there is a visual difference in height, but there's more to this modification.


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