How to Rebuild a 1969 El Camino Vent Window - It’s Okay To Vent

Rebuilding a vent window assembly for a '69 El Camino.

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1969 El Camino Vent Window Bending 2/32

17. With the seal properly in place, we came back and bent the little tabs over to lock it in.

1969 El Camino Vent Window Run Channel 3/32

18. The window run channel felt is next and this is pretty straightforward to install. It simply unrolls and stuffs into the channel.

1969 El Camino Vent Window Install In 4/32

19. Typically the glass is installed with a strip of butyl that needs to be purchased from your local glass shop. As things sometimes go, we forgot to pick some up before the day of the shoot. Our glass shops were closed, so we need to pull out our best MacGyver impersonation and use some black gaffers tape. If you have the correct butyl strip the process will be the same except you will only need one layer. We had to apply four layers of tape to the edge of the glass to get it to the correct thickness to take up the slack between the glass and the frame.

1969 El Camino Vent Window Install In Frame 5/32

20. We carefully persuaded the clear glass into the frame with a rubber mallet. This is not a time to get impatient use light taps with the hammer until the glass fully seats in the frame.

1969 El Camino Vent Window Remove 6/32

21. Then we came back with a razor blade and cut off the excess tape.

1969 El Camino Rebuilt Vent Window Install In 7/32

22. The freshly rebuilt vent window assembly can now go back into the car. The run channel will feed down into the door, but it has to be rotated 45-degrees so the lower adjustment stud can go in.

1969 El Camino Rotate Vent Window To 8/32

23. Once the stud is down inside the door the assembly is rotated correctly.

1969 El Camino Push Vent Window To 9/32

24. And then pushed up against the doorframe.

1969 El Camino Screw Window Vent Frame To 10/32

25. There are three very short Phillips screws that go through the doorframe and into the vent window assembly.

1969 El Camino Bolt To Hold Window Vent 11/32

26. This small bracket bolts to the doorframe and serves two purposes. The bolt goes through a hole in the vent window assembly and threads into the door itself, but its not tightened just yet. Tightening this will draw the door together closing the gap in the sheetmetal and sealing up against the vent window rubber. The tab sticking up is what the door panel will snap onto.

1969 El Camino Screw Bracket To Hold Window Vent 12/32

27. This little screw needs to be installed before the bolt is completely tightened to keep the bracket from moving.

1969 El Camino Regulator Fed Into Door To Install Window 13/32

28. Now the regulator for the vent window is fed into the door. The regulator has a hole in it that matches the pivot post and once its been slipped over the post and the bolts installed will open the vent window when the window crank is turned.

1969 El Camino Rear Track Unbolted To Install Window 14/32

29. The rear track needs to be unbolted to allow the door glass to come back enough to let the vent window assembly come out and why we are now messing with it. The door glass is rolled all the way up and the rear track brought up tight. Then the nut is tightened.

1969 El Camino Lower Channel Adjustment To Install Window 15/32

30. Then the glass is rolled down and the lower adjustment of the channel is brought up tight against the glass and tightened.

1969 El Camino Rebuilt Vent Window 16/32

31. There you have it folks, the ins-and-outs of vent window rebuilding. Now not only does this El Camino have all its glass, it doesn’t leak water when being washed, or whistle while being driven.


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